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Biosolids recycling as an environmentally safe and cost-effective solution for managing wastewater residuals. When conducted in accordance with strict state and federal regulations, the practice benefits communities and supports environmental protection efforts with an excellent source of safe, organic nutrients.

The benefits of responsible and safe biosolids recycling are many. EPA supports biosolids recycling and encourages  land application of biosolids, including advanced alkaline-stabilized, heat-treated, and pelletized biosolids, as well as less highly processed liquid biosolids and biosolids cake. Among their benefits, the use of biosolids can:

  • Improve crop production
  • Saves Farmer's money on fertilizer and lime cost
  • Reduce soil erosion and protect water quality
  • Provide topsoil for recreational uses
  •  Reclaim strip-mined lands
  •  Enrich forestland
  • Conserve landfill space
  • Provide economic incentives

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  • Waste Solutions
  • Land Application
  • Dewatering
  • Lagoon Cleaning
  • Permitting
  • Lime Stabliztion
  • Wastewater Plant Contract Servcies

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